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Highlands Of Scotland – National Geographic 20 Best Trips 2011

The Highlands of Scotland have been named as one of the 20 Best Trips 2011 by the renowned travel magazine, National Geographic.
The Scottish Highlands were chosen by editors of National Geographic Traveler, an affiliated magazine with other stunning locations such as Kodiak Island in Alaska and Dominica one of the Caribbean Islands.

Norie Quintos, Senior Editor at National Geographic Traveler, spoke at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Aviemore in October about her trip to Scotland saying: “I spent a few days in the environs of Scotland’s newest national park, the Cairngorms, and was enveloped by the rough-and-tumble Highland history of clans and kings, made all the more atmospheric by the stunning quality of light on the moors, especially after rain.”

Some of the areas and activities highlighted by National Geographic are hiking in Leanachan Forest, kayaking on Loch Insh and skiing at Nevis Range. The Highland Games were also recommended to its readers as an experience not to be missed. The Inverness Highland Games are due to take place on Saturday 23 July 2011 with programme information available at the Inverness Highland Games Website.

Anyone planning to visit Inverness over the summer months should book accommodation early. Avalon Guest House still have availability and full details can be seen at their Inverness B&B website.