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Weekend Away In Inverness

Located up in the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is the place visit if you are looking for a tranquil break away. The area is rich in history and heritage, accompanied with a fine array of bars, restaurants and even a casino plus some breath-taking walks in the countryside, making it the perfect location for families and couples alike.

Culloden BattlefieldCulloden Battlefield is a must see attraction and has a large and informative visitor centre. Culloden was the site of the battle between the Jacobites and the Government army which took place in 1746. On that dreadful day in excess of 1000 men died and this was the last battle to take place on British soil. The visitor centre is open all year round from 9am to 6pm from April to October and 10am to 4pm during the winter months. There is a 360 degree mini cinema and a moving map as well as weapons demonstrations that are very interesting to see.

Urquhart Castle & Loch NessA question that everybody asks is whether “Nessie”, the Loch Ness Monster, really exists. So during your stay in Inverness, why not travel just south of the city and see if you can spot the world famous beast yourself at Loch Ness. “Nessie” was first brought to the world’s attention by Hugh Gray’s photograph in 1933 and ever since has been a mythical being only a hand full of people have claimed to see. Scientists and enthusiasts aliek have all tried to find evidence that the monster is real, but have all failed thus far. Will you be one of the lucky few to spot Nessie on your visit? The Loch is world famous, and one of the must-see attractions the areas has to offer.

But if you’re looking to keep your evenings occupied, then Inverness is your oyster. With a fantastic range of bars and restaurants, the city has plenty to offer. But since you are on holiday and want to try something different, why not go to one of the great casinos Inverness has to offer. With the boom in gaming online at sites like, casinos have come to the forefront of society and the one4 Fun Casino in Inverness can tend to all your gaming needs. Open on a daily basis and with games ranging from blackjack, to poker and craps, there is plenty of time and space for you to try a few hands of cards. You could win big, and make your entire to trip to Inverness a total success.