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Spring Cleaning A Guest House

It’s almost time for us to start the Spring Cleaning of our guest house. I say spring cleaning but in reality it is actually winter cleaning as we’ll be too busy in spring. It’s actually a little more than cleaning as well as a lot of the work will be redecorating. Each year we have to paint the walls to make sure everything looks good for the new Summer Season.

Minor repairs are always resolved as and when but some things cannot be done till things get quieter. Top priority is removing and replacing the sealant in the showers as this never seems to last very long. A room has to be out of action for a couple of days to do this as despite modern technology nobody seems to make sealant that doesn’t smell like a bag of chips covered in vinegar.

Another job that’s great for freshening things up is deep cleaning of the carpets. We do have a machine that we use to clean the occassional spill but for annual maintenance it is always best to call in a professional company that have the machinery, chemicals and skill to get the job done well. When choosing a cleaning company it always worth taking the time to find professionals. If you are located near London we can strongly recommend Xenon Cleaning Services London and Olivers Mill Office Cleaning London. We have used both companies in the past before relocating to Scotland and they both offer excellent service and quality of workmanship.